Stand-by for the Real Insurrection… by the Democrats


People will put up with a little absentmindedness or occasional faux pas. But when creeping senility puts lives at risk and national interests in jeopardy, that’s entirely different. When it was clear Joe Biden’s victory would stand up, it was obvious to me that Biden’s mental troubles, to frame it gently, would result in him being out of office one way or another within six months of his swearing-in. By then, the Trojan Horse would have served his purpose. Democrats would control all three branches of government and have pushed through many fundamental changes. Biden did his share. He signed a record number of executive orders, many of questionable constitutionality. But now, as has been so painfully and obviously illuminated by the Afghanistan debacle, the president’s competence and reliability are dramatically compromised by clearly advancing symptoms of old age. Consequently, we are about to witness a genuine insurrection that will put Jan. 6, 2020, into proper perspective. The unruly mob that stormed the Capitol was weak tea. Even its most militant participants never intended to overthrow the government.

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