Rex Murphy: Trudeau hungry for applause and beset by intellectual idleness


When you waste your time with foolishness, irrational fads and pseudo-causes, when you continually diagnose your own country as a cauldron of racism and colonialism, tear down the statues of heroes and founders, virtue-signal at volume ten over your feminism, deride blue collar workers, hail your greatest industry as a “planet destroyer,” it comes as no surprise that you pile on just one more silly, vain pretense, i.e., that suddenly everyone in Canada wants an election called in mid-August. During the very period, no less, when every citizen in the country has a stockpile of mouth-and-nose guards and are standing six-feet apart every time they go out to buy a loaf of bread and toilet tissue. And it surely makes it really easy if these fantasies and posturings are what you think of as an actual political philosophy, to call an election two full years before there is the slightest need to do so, as the COVID plague still rages, new variants emerge. It would be nice to ask “what were you thinking?” but that would imply thought is a factor when Liberals get a thirst for a majority.

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