Even a biased press is calling Biden out on his Afghan debacle


Poor Ron Klain. It’s not a good sign when a White House chief of staff to a Democratic president wants to re-tweet favorable news coverage and all he can find is the least credible and most slavishly loyal commentators on the Internet. The Afghanistan fiasco has created that most disorienting and discomfiting experience for a progressive administration — a serious bout of critical media coverage immune to White House spin and determined to tell the unvarnished story of an ongoing debacle. The White House and its allies have lashed out at what they are portraying as an insular, pro-war media ignoring its many successes in the Afghan evacuation. This, like Ron Klain’s tweeting, is a sign of desperation and of a feeling of outraged betrayal that usually dependable allies have, on this story, switched sides. Say it’s not so, CNN. This White House is unfamiliar with what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the kind of media feeding frenzy that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis experiences every other day (almost always involving spurious storylines). But on Afghanistan Joe Biden in effect set out to test how much shameless incompetence and dishonesty the media would accept.

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