Conservatives criticize Trudeau Liberals for spending $250,000 on ministerial office furniture and car


Conservative candidate Michael Barrett criticized his Liberal opposition for spending $250,000 in taxpayer dollars on office furniture and a new car. “One of Justin Trudeau’s ministers, Bernadette Jordan, [minister of fisheries, oceans and the coast guard], spent over a quarter of a million dollars of taxpayers’ money on office furniture and even bought herself a new car,” said Conservative MP Michael Barrett in a campaign-style video. “Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have a long history of wasting and mismanaging taxpayers’ money,” he said. “Spending more than $250,000 on office furniture and a new car is completely inappropriate.” Barrett urged Jordan to come clean and reimburse taxpayers for the $40,228 car. “That’s a big bill and it’s tough to believe that Jordan couldn’t figure out a way to furnish her office for less money,” said Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “Politicians need to remember that the federal government isn’t flush with cash, it’s broke. Not only do we need to see politicians save money on the big things, they also need to save money on the smaller things like expenses.”

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