LILLEY: Liberals start second week still stuck in first gear


The Trudeau Liberals are still showing signs of not being ready and not having a plan for the election that they themselves called. After more than a week, Trudeau still doesn’t have a coherent message for why he called the election nor why he should be re-elected — never mind being given a majority. In his first week, Trudeau spent more time talking about his opponents than his plan. He would announce policy and then talk about Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s stance on vaccinations or abortion, trying to twist O’Toole’s stances in ways that have apparently fallen flat. After taking Saturday off from campaigning, Trudeau had three stops in Atlantic Canada — one in New Brunswick and two in PEI — but no new policy announcements. A report by CBC quoted a senior campaign official saying that Trudeau is still looking for big ideas from candidates. Isn’t that what he should have done before calling the election? Trudeau and his team are masters of campaigning, which makes the first week so puzzling. The start of their second week doesn’t look like it’s off to any better start. They should have used the weekend to regain their footing and confidence, but it doesn’t look like they did.

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