Chris Selley: Masked O’Toole drives home message on Liberal recklessness


The Conservative campaign clearly wants everyone to know it takes the fourth wave of COVID-19 very, very seriously. It bolsters leader Erin O’Toole’s position that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s election call was “reckless.” Except during photo ops with his wife Rebecca, daughter Mollie and son Jack, and when speaking into a microphone, O’Toole is always masked in public. His campaign workers and volunteers follow suit quite assiduously. Reporters along for the ride self-administer and submit rapid antigen tests every morning. The charming suburban Quebec City beer garden where O’Toole held his first open-to-the-public campaign event on Wednesday afternoon had posted its masking policy at the entrance: wear a mask or don’t, it’s up to you. But when Chicoutimi-Le Fjord MP Richard Martel took the stage to introduce O’Toole, he politely suggested it was best the crowd mask up for safety. This policy makes good political sense. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are trying ever more shamelessly by the hour to make a ballot question out of barely discernible practical distinctions between their and the Conservatives’ stances on vaccination. Best not give them any ammunition.

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