Biden doubles down on Afghanistan decision, notes potential terror attack


A defiant President Biden on Sunday stood by his decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan — though acknowledged during a bumbling press briefing that terror groups like ISIS could now be poised to strike. “Let me be clear, the evacuation of thousands of people from Kabul is going to be hard and painful no matter when it started, when we began,” said Biden, who stumbled over his words at several points while speaking from the White House. “There is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss and heartbreaking images you see on television,” he continued. “It’s just a fact. “We have a long way to go and a lot could still go wrong.” At one point, he also doubled down on his withdrawal decision, saying “My job is to make judgments. “My job is to make judgments no one else can or will make. I made them,” he continued. “I am convinced I am absolutely correct in not deciding to send more women and men to war for a war that in fact is no longer warranted.” Biden also said the Taliban has been “cooperative” in expanding the US-held safety zone surrounding the Kabul airport, at one point calling the militants “a rag-tag force.”

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