Trudeau’s ‘She-Cession’ & ‘She-Covery’ Remarks Are The Words Of An Unserious Person


This column will be a rant. Yes, some people likely feel much of what I write is a rant, but this will be even more of a rant than usual. The topic? Justin Trudeau’s use of the terms ‘she-cession’ and ‘she-covery.’ It’s his pathetic attempt to try and win the votes of women by acting as if only women have been impacted economically, and talking down to women as if they are children. It’s similar to how we’ve seen some people say that women were ‘impacted most’ by covid, despite more men actually dying from it. It’s the same divisive, gender-obsessed BS that you would expect from some naïve activist at university, not from a leader of a G7 nation. Anyone who falls for that rhetoric — if you can even call it that — is a fool. Anyone who thinks that this is how leaders talk is also a fool. Trudeau could not possibly come across as any less serious here. Now, this isn’t to say that leaders shouldn’t have a sense of humour. Being able to joke around and not take everything seriously is important. But note how Trudeau is — ironically — 100% serious as he rattles off those hilarious phrases of ‘she-cession’ and ‘she-covery.’ He’s entirely serious about his unseriousness.

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