Joe Biden is imploding before our eyes


Having created one crisis after another — e.g., a broken economy; a broken border; a broken energy supply; and, now, a broken Afghanistan — you’d think Biden would at least step up and lead us into some brave new Progressive future. That, though, is not how Biden rolls. Instead, he’s either played the blame game, hidden at Camp David or in Delaware, attacked Republican governors, dismissed as bagatelles the horrors in Afghanistan, and generally been weirdly disconnected. I’ve already commented on Biden’s dreadful statement on Monday, during which he created a straw man by contending that the main issue was whether withdrawing from Afghanistan was the right thing to do. Because few disagree with the decision to withdraw, the real issue was and is the utterly appalling mess the administration, whether in the White House, the Pentagon, or the State Department, made of the withdrawal. However, Biden having presented his straw man knew where the fault lay: with Trump. It was Trump’s fault that Biden, who has systematically reversed everything Trump did, was forced to fall in with Trump’s planned withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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