Havana Syndrome hits U.S. officials in Germany — the first case in a NATO country


American diplomats stationed in Germany have fallen ill with the unexplained condition known as “Havana Syndrome” — the first time the malady has been detected in officials permanently based in a NATO country. United States intelligence reportedly believes Russia may be behind the mysterious condition, which causes ear pain, sudden dizziness, severe headaches and confusion. At least two U.S. officials based in Germany required medical attention for the condition in recent months, according to The Wall Street Journal. The American embassy in Berlin declined to comment on specific cases, but said the U.S. would leave no stone unturned to protect its diplomats. Havana Syndrome is named after the Cuban capital where the first cases were detected among U.S. officials in 2016. Since then it has affected diplomats and intelligence officers in a number of countries, including Britain, where two officials accompanying then-president Donald Trump on his state visit in 2019 fell ill with suspected cases of the condition. About two dozen American diplomats and intelligence officers based in Vienna have been affected this year.

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