Federal Judge Reverses Biden’s Policy To Limit ICE Deportations


A federal judge struck down Joe Biden’s attempts to restrict the authority of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants. Judge Drew Tipton ruled on Thursday that Biden violated earlier decisions made by U.S. Congress with his attempts to narrow the categories of illegal immigrants that can be arrested by ICE. The judge also said Louisiana and Texas would likely succeed with their lawsuit against Biden, saying he also violated the Administrative Procedures Act. Biden previously ordered ICE to focus on deportations of criminal immigrants and those who crossed after November of 2020. “By focusing our limited resources on cases that present threats to national security, border security and public safety, our agency will more ably and effectively execute its law enforcement mission,” said ICE acting Director Tae Johnson in a previous statement. “Like every law enforcement agency at the local, state and federal level, we must prioritize our efforts to achieve the greatest security and safety impact.” However, the latest court ruling reverses that policy, putting all illegal immigrants up for eventual removal.

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