Exclusive: Americans Blame Biden, Not Trump, For Afghanistan Debacle: Poll


A new poll from The Daily Wire uncovered that more Americans believe that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is President Joe Biden’s fault, not Donald Trump’s fault. The Biden Administration has attempted to deflect blame for the fall-out in Afghanistan, but Americans aren’t buying it. According to The Daily Wire/SurveyMonkey poll, 36 percent of American’s believe that Biden is responsible for the current crisis in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, 21 percent fault Donald Trump. 29 percent of Americans say it’s neither Trump nor Biden’s fault. According to the poll, which surveyed 1,066 Americans, independents are twice as likely to blame Biden than Trump for the debacle. In light of the Afghan government’s downfall, Biden attempted to blame Trump for allegedly leaving him with a bad deal that forced the current administration to remove troops. During a national address, Biden took full responsibility for his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan while simultaneously claiming that Trump’s negotiations forced him into pulling U.S. military support for the Afghan government.

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