Democrats Attempt to Circumvent Supreme Court Rulings with New Voting Bill


House Democrats who failed in their first attempt to secure federal control of elections across America have introduced new legislation they hope to pass this fall. The bill would restore pieces of the 1965 Voting Rights Act the Supreme Court has already struck down, according to the Washington Examiner. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats must pass new legislation because neither diabolical red states nor the Supreme Court can be trusted, according to a news release on her website. “A brazen, partisan campaign of voter suppression silences voters of color across the nation and threatens to erode our democracy,” Pelosi said. “Further, the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Shelby v. Holder opened the floodgates of voter suppression, allowing states with dark histories of bigotry and discrimination to pass hundreds of laws designed to keep communities of color from the ballot box. This year alone, eighteen states have enacted thirty dangerous voter suppression laws, while the Court has continued its assault on the Voting Rights Act.” Although the Democrats’ earlier attempt to rewrite voting laws passed the House, it failed to advance in the Senate.

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