Thanks, America… Europe knows what’s coming as it braces itself for imminent Afghan refugee crisis


As events unfold rapidly in Afghanistan, the mass movement of people west has started. And while Pakistan and Iran are currently bearing the brunt, European leaders are understandably nervous about another mass influx of refugees. Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has led to the Taliban retaking power in the country, is already leading to people fleeing in their droves. And where do you think these people will go? The answer, as ever, is Europe, which is now readying itself for yet another refugee crisis. It is estimated that 300,000 Afghans have left the country in the past 10 days, mainly by land to Pakistan or Iran. And who can blame these desperate people for fleeing a Taliban-run theocratic and despotic regime? Many will choose not to stay in Pakistan or Iran; why swap one theocracy for another? Instead, they will do what 570,000 Afghans have done since 2015 and claim asylum in Europe. So, it is no wonder that European Union leaders are now bracing themselves for a flood of desperate Afghans.

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