‘Shameful’: Member Of British Parliament Tears Into Biden Over Afghanistan Speech


British MP Tom Tugendhat, who served in Afghanistan, tore in President Joe Biden on Wednesday in a speech on the floor of Parliament, calling the president “shameful” for maligning the whole of the Afghan military and accused Biden of having “torn open” old wounds with a withdrawal that felt like “defeat.” Tugendhat noted Tuesday on Twitter that he hoped to have a few minutes to deliver a speech on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday as he wanted to respond to Biden’s Monday remarks defending his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan but not addressing the disastrous events of last weekend, which saw the Taliban return to power after taking the Afghan capital city, Kabul. Since then, the United States’ withdrawal has been marked by shocking footage of desperate Afghans trying to board planes out of the country and a series of confusing remarks from Biden administration officials, who have both defended their actions and blamed the situation on others. Evacuations from Kabul have finally resumed, by the Biden administration has admitted that it does not have a plan to rescue all 10,000 to 15,000 Americans who may be trapped in Afghanistan.

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