NDP and Conservatives better positioned to respond to Canadians’ top election concerns, poll suggests


The top issue among Canadians in the early days of the federal election is improving affordability and cost of living, cited by 28 per cent of polled Canadians as one of their top two concerns, according to a new poll from Maru Public Opinion. That was followed by preserving the environment, reducing greenhouse gases, and reversing climate change, cited by 23 per cent of respondents. Curtailing federal government spending so the deficit doesn’t grow came in at number three, listed by 19 per cent. And creating jobs and growing the economy was fourth, chosen by 17 per cent. Maru had asked 1,511 respondents to “select the two issues or needs that they want to be addressed by the politicians and are currently shaping their ballot box choice.” The priorities the respondents chose could favour the NDP and the Conservatives, as opposed to the Liberals, according to the company. It said in a press release the “two parties most likely getting the most resonance fresh out of the starting blocks” are the NDP, who have “banged the cost of living and affordability drum the loudest,” while the Conservatives have been campaigning on jobs, the economy and taming the deficit.

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