Kelly McParland: Nova Scotia election shows how Trudeau could meet his doom


When Nova Scotia’s Liberal premier chose to call an election in the midst of the pandemic, word on the street was that federal forces might want to keep their eye on this baby, just in case something unexpected arose. It could, observers suggested, prove a harbinger of things to come. “A weak performance by the Nova Scotia Liberals would be somewhat concerning to the federal Liberals,” a political science prof at Cape Breton University told The Canadian Press. “There seemed to be a high level of support going into the election for the incumbent. If that level of support is eroded, that would signal to the federal Liberals that the public is volatile.” Turns out the prof said a mouthful. On election night Tuesday, Premier Iain Rankin saw his government unceremoniously turfed from power, to be replaced by the Progressive Conservatives under leader Tim Houston. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will now insist there is absolutely no reason he should feel even the remotest bit nervous about the provincial results — “What me worry?” — even while he campaigns on essentially the same message Rankin took to the good folks of Nova Scotia before they chose to get rid of him.

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