Forbidden fruit: MTO destroys pandemic-inspired ‘guerilla garden’


Garden destroyed last week due to potential contamination, illegal use of land. An Ottawa mother and daughter are mourning the loss of their pandemic-inspired garden, which sat on public land, destroyed for being an illegal use of land and the potential contamination of the harvest. “It’s almost mean … it was in full production,” said Chantal Rodier, a professor at the University of Ottawa. “It’s like a death. I had to mourn it.” At the beginning of the pandemic, Rodier and her daughter Melanie Gosselin cultivated more than a dozen varieties of fruit and vegetables behind their Old Ottawa East townhouse. Partly concerned by food scarcity, and wanting a way to keep busy during one of the lockdowns, they created self-labelled “guerilla garden” that measured about a quarter of the area of a basketball court where the Nicholas Street on-ramp joins westbound lanes of Highway 417

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