Thousands Stranded After Taliban Block Off Kabul Airport, ‘Near-Empty’ Evac Flights Departing


The evacuation effort for thousands of Afghans who worked with and for foreign governments has stalled after Taliban militants surrounded Kabul’s airport, threatening and assaulting those who attempt to enter. The Biden administration announced on Tuesday that the Karzai International Airport could resume military and civilian flights. Few can access the airport, however, after the Taliban set up military checkpoints keeping people out. Taliban militants have set up checkpoints throughout the city to vet the city’s residents for evidence they worked with western countries, as well as check their devices for illicit content and English messages, the Journal reported. Thousands of Americans are also believed to be trapped behind the Taliban checkpoints, though the exact number of Americans is unknown. The United States shut down Karzai on Monday after thousands of Afghans broke through airport security and crowded on the airstrip. Some attempted to cling to departing jets to escape Afghanistan and the coming Taliban rule. Several Afghans were caught on video falling from the jets after taking off.

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