Residential school graves ‘totally pushed to the wayside’ in shadow of election, Indigenous leaders say


Months of reckoning with the colonial genocide that upholds the framework of Canada’s history was sparked with the May discovery of 215 graves at the former Kamloops, B.C. residential school. Shortly afterwards, approximately 751 graves were found in Saskatchewan on the grounds of the former Marieval Residential School and 182 human remains in unmarked graves were discovered using ground-penetrating radar near a former residential school in Cranbrook, B.C. On Monday, the Kapawe’no First Nation in Northern Alberta announced they would begin to “unearth the truth” from the ground of the former Grouard Residential School, working with a team from the Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archeology at the University of Alberta. While many former residential schools and Indian day schools have yet to be investigated, Indigenous communities say the bleak “discoveries” confirm what they already knew for generations. Mik’maq lawyer and Chair of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University Pam Palmater said that headline coverage of the residential school graves has “totally been pushed to the wayside.”

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