Tom Mulcair: Trudeau has bet everything on securing a majority


And they’re off!… The race has started and Justin Trudeau has bet everything on his ability to get to the finish line with a majority. His lead in the polls convinced him to start planning for the election over the past few months. What he couldn’t know in advance was how rapidly and severely the fourth wave would hit. Once you’ve started your engine, done all the planning, bought all the airtime (shaved off your beard!)…it’s pretty hard to stop the infernal machine. And so it went: set piece meeting with the Governor General, confident walk out of Rideau Hall to all of the waiting microphones and cameras, easy. What happened next quickly produced a concerned look on Mr. Trudeau. After 18 months of daily announcements and, let’s face it, mostly softball questions, he figured he had this. He didn’t. The tough questions came in rapid succession. There was no way to explain the unjustifiable. It was transparent that the only reason Canadians were being forced to go to the polls in the midst of the fourth wave of a pandemic was the self-interest and sense of entitlement of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party. It was all about them, not about Canadians.

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