O’Toole government will repeal Liberal gun bill, order-in-council


A Conservative government would rollback the Liberal government’s increased firearm restrictions, the party confirmed Monday. The Conservative Party of Canada’s official platform says a government led by Erin O’Toole would focus on smuggling and guns used in crime rather than the Trudeau approach of broad changes that only affect law-abiding gun owners. This includes a repeal of Bill C-71 and the Trudeau government’s May 2020 order-in-council, which prohibited more than 1,500 firearm models, including the popular AR-15. Bill C-71 introduced a range of restrictions on gun owners, including a requirement to seek specific authorization to take a lawfully owned firearm to a gunsmith or a gun show. The Conservatives are also committing to a review of the Firearms Act “with participation by law enforcement, firearms owners, manufacturers, and members of the public. We will then update legislation by introducing a simplified classification system and codifying it in law so that it is clear what types of firearms fit into each category and classification decisions can be made quickly, and with the public and firearms owners having confidence that they are not arbitrary,” the platform says.

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