Obamas Turn Off Social Media Comments As Criticism Mounts Over Afghanistan Fall


Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama turned off social media comments on Instagram for hours on Monday. According to a spokesperson, the change was not “intentional,” though no explanation was given. The timing comes as President Biden, Obama’s former Vice President, remains silent on the Taliban taking over Afghanistan after he promised months ago that was highly unlikely. “Obama’s Instagram posts said, ‘Comments on this post have been limited’ for roughly two hours Monday morning,” a Fox News report said. “His most recent post, a video Thursday touting his All on the Line redistricting campaign, garnered 885 comments before it was shut down Monday.” Mrs. Obama’s comments were turned off for the same time period. When asked about the curious social media move, an Obama spokesperson told Fox News the commenting pause had “no intentionality on our side.” There was no explanation given for why it happened, however. Fox News outlined some of the comments the former president received before the comment section was briefly shut down: “Afghanistan needs your help. Please please help Afghanistan,” one commenter wrote.

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