John Ivison: Conservative platform is substantial, in parts inventive, and occasionally frivolous


Justin Trudeau has not so much wedged Erin O’Toole as wedgied him. The Liberal requirement that domestic travellers and the federal public service be vaccinated has forced O’Toole to talk about something on which he’d rather not be drawn. At first the Conservative leader said that, while he supports vaccination, people should make their own decision. Later, he issued a revised position, stating a Consevative government would require passengers to present a negative test result or take a rapid test. Public servants not vaccinated would need to take a daily rapid test — not an unreasonable stance, given it conforms with current Treasury Board guidelines. But he should probably have bitten the bullet and made the utilitarian calculation that the Liberal position is the one that offers the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Opinion polls suggest three quarters of Canadians support mandatory vaccination. The Conservative leader’s problem is that the other quarter is more than likely his voting base. One of his candidates, David Yurdiga, called forced vaccination “tyranny,” and he has many sympathizers in the party.

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