Erin O’Toole’s platform will not advance Trudeau censorship bills C-10 or C-36


With the writ dropped, Erin O’Toole confirmed that a Conservative government would scrap controversial Bills C-10 and C-36. The federal government’s legislation significantly expands the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) mandate to include online publishers and social media users. The Conservative Party of Canada clarified in its 2021 platform that Bill C-10 “gives too much power to regulators while failing to provide businesses with the clear guidelines they need to operate.” While the Conservative Party of Canada said the CRTC mandate needs an update, they said their plan would not target Canadian publishers or social media users, reported True North. Senator David Richards compared Bill C-10 to book burnings, saying that the controversial censorship bill didn’t just need to be amendments, but that it instead needed a “stake through the heart.” “I did not sign this pledge and I will not read,” said Richards. Bill C-10 aims to give the CRTC overwhelming new powers, something that former vice-chair of the CRTC Peter Menzies called a violation of the rights of ordinary citizens.

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