Here’s how a rebrand of Ryerson University could pay off for the school


Task force to soon make recommendations over Egerton Ryerson’s history with racism, residential schools. Before Ryerson University students begin fall classes, a task force will announce what actions it believes should be taken to deal with the legacy of the Toronto school’s namesake, Egerton Ryerson. The connection of Egerton Ryerson to racist ideology has plagued the university, troubling First Nations students, staff and community members for years. A minister and educator who lived in the 1800s, Ryerson advanced ideas seen by many as central to the creation of Canada’s residential school system. Amid a summer that saw the discovery of unmarked burial sites believed to contain the remains of Indigenous children at several residential schools in Canada, pressure intensified on the university to change its name. In a culture shining a spotlight on the power of names and symbols, experts say a rebrand could pay off for the school in four key ways: Reputation, donations, marketing and new partnerships.

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