Canadians deserve better than Trudeau’s scandals, corruption, and coverups


The 43rd Parliament will forever be remembered as having changed the course of history for our country. The permanent changes to our freedoms and finances began in 2015 and were just a warm-up act for what the Liberals have done to Canada since their re-election in 2019. In the past year, we’ve seen the unprecedented erosion of our freedom of speech with Bill C-10. This bill would have given the government broad powers to regulate our use of the internet, social media, YouTube, and Facebook. Supported by both the NDP and Bloc, it left the door open for massive government control and the slow but steady removal of the rights and liberties of Canadians. It currently is stalled in the Senate. In the dying hours before summer recess the Liberals introduced Bill C-36. While they had six years to combat hate speech, crimes and propaganda their incompetence left them introducing a flawed bill at the last possible minute. Their intention clearly was political posturing ahead of the election, not rooting out hate speech. They believe that it is enough to authorize the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to adjudicate complaints and order remedies.

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