Toronto is designed for a climate that doesn’t exist anymore and it needs to ‘face the reality,’ experts say


Toronto is designed for a climate that doesn’t exist anymore, experts say, and they warn the city has to come up with a better plan to cope with the smoggier, hotter, soggier and stormier weather that’s plaguing it right now. A report from the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released this week suggests extreme weather events, from wildfires to floods to extreme heat, are the direct result of a climate that has already changed, and it will result in more unpredictable weather… While the City of Toronto has several mitigation strategies to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, it quickly needs a robust adaptation strategy if it’s to brace for more expected extreme weather, Buchanan says. Some examples of the city’s current climate-action initiatives include investments in public transit, launching an electric vehicle charging station pilot, allowing cargo e-bikes on roads and in bike lanes, improved management of traffic congestion, continued investment in expanding public transit, and green street programs.

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