Having a hard time accessing your favourite products? Blame the shipping container crisis


Julie Fass has been running her downtown Toronto store, Ziggy’s At Home, for 15 years. She says she has never had to deal with as many product delays as she’s dealing with now. “I have some orders that were placed back in May or even before then and now I’m looking at November-December arrivals, which really cuts it close for Christmas. And I’ve totally lost those summer sales,” Fass tells Global News. She describes it as a “big hassle” she doesn’t have much bandwidth for these days. Fass is juggling the demands of a family life, which includes a young son, new COVID-19 protocols, and now, “staying on top of suppliers” and trying to pinpoint ever-expanding shipping dates. The deepening shipping container crisis is to blame for the added headaches, delays and costs being felt by store owners across Canada. And retail experts say that given multi-month lead times for getting international goods to our shores, it will likely lead to increased costs to consumers during the holiday season.

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