Feds win battle for privacy of serial killer Paul Bernardo and cop killer Craig Munro over victims’ families’ requests


The families went to court for evidence prior to the killers’ parole hearings. Instead, they got a bill from the government for $19,000. The government of Canada waged a court battle to keep information about serial sex killer Paul Bernardo and cop killer Craig Munro from the families of their victims, and a judge has agreed it can all be kept secret. Then the government asked the families to pay their legal bill. The families of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy, two teenage girls who were kidnapped, brutalized and killed by Bernardo in the early 1990s, and of Toronto Police Constable Michael Sweet, who was tortured and killed by Munro in 1980 during a botched robbery, were refused information on the two inmates by the Parole Board of Canada and the Correctional Service of Canada as the families prepared for the killers’ parole hearings. They turned to the Federal Court to intervene and the government fought them to the finish.

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