Canadian Olympic boycott of Beijing Games seems unlikely despite tensions with China


The latest call for Canada to consider boycotting the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games is unlikely to spur Ottawa to confront tensions with China in the Olympic arena, due to an apparent lack of support for such an approach among most political parties. Yet on the eve of an expected federal election call, Canada’s major political parties are expressing their ongoing concerns about human rights in China — including the treatment of its Muslim minority Uyghur population — as well as the plight of Canadians pulled into the fray of deteriorating relations between the two countries. Beijing’s Winter Games are less than six months away, and have faced repeated calls for a boycott over human-rights issues, including from federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole earlier this week. O’Toole made a renewed call for Ottawa to consider boycotting the Winter Games, citing concerns for Canadians’ safety in China amid a handful of high-profile detainments involving Canadian citizens — one of whom faces a death sentence.

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