U.S. Sending 3,000 Troops Back Into Afghanistan Amid Rapidly Deteriorating Situation


The Pentagon is sending 3,000 troops back into Afghanistan to evacuate American citizens and Afghan interpreters from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, according to U.S. officials. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said three battalions – one from the Army and two from the Marines – will enter Afghanistan over the next 48 hours to assist with security at the Kabul airport and that a brigade of 4,000 Army soldiers was being sent to Kuwait to be on standby if more troops were needed. “Afghan government forces are collapsing even faster than U.S. military leaders thought possible just a few months ago when President Joe Biden ordered a full withdrawal,” The Associated Press reported. “The Taliban, who ruled the country from 1996 until U.S. forces invaded after the 9/11 attacks, captured three more provincial capitals Wednesday and two on Thursday, the 10th and 11th the insurgents have taken in a weeklong sweep that has given them effective control of about two-thirds of the country.” Biden stated last month that it was “not inevitable” that the Taliban would take over the country once the U.S. left.

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