‘Ice Cream Machine Broke’: Lawsuit Details McFlurry Machine Manufacturer’s Desperate Attempts To Keep Its ‘Repair Racket’


A lawsuit details the efforts of Taylor Company — the firm that manufactures McDonald’s ice cream machines — to maintain its monopoly over repairs. Two years ago, a startup called Kytch created a device that circumvents the need for franchise owners to solicit help from Taylor repairmen — who, according to the lawsuit, are notoriously slow. The lawsuit alleges that after the unsuccessful attempts, Taylor solicited Tyler Gamble — a leading McDonald’s franchisee — to acquire a Kytch device. On July 30, however, Kytch was granted a temporary restraining order against Taylor by a California judge. Taylor was forced to turn over any Kytch devices in its possession and is now restricted from using information potentially gleaned from its dissection of the machines.

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