Biden’s Approval Ratings Sink to Lowest Point of Presidency as Americans Fear Future of Economy: Polls


Somehow it’s not a surprise. Joe’s Biden’s approval rating is making it a rough week for the White House when it comes to popular opinion. The rating is now at 50.3 percent, according to a combination of polls calculated by the political analysis website FiveThirtyEight. The rating hasn’t hit 51 percent since Aug. 2, since then fluctuating somewhere between point of 50.9 percent Aug. 3 to 50.2 on Saturday and Monday. On Tuesday, it was 50.4 percent. Collectively, the week marks the lowest point since Biden took office. That’s down from a high of 55 percent tabulated Jan. 25. More telling is the disapproval rate, growing overall from its lowest point of 34 percent on Feb. 1 to 42.9 percent today, FiveThirtyEight calculated. Meanwhile, a poll released last week by Quinnipiac University showed Biden’s job approval dropping to 46 percent, compared to 49 percent in May, with his disapproval rating rising from 41 percent to 43 percent. On a personal basis are Biden’s cognitive capabilities which continue to appear to be diminishing. And, 25th Amendment fans, waiting in the wings is a vice president of questionable character and ability.

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