Texas Supreme Court: Gov. Abbott Can Order Arrest Of Runaway Democrats If They Fail To Show For Vote


The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily halted a judge’s order preventing Texas governor Greg Abbott from arresting a number of Democrat state legislators who fled to Washington, D.C. last month in order to deny quorum on a handful of bills. The group of Democrats left Texas on a chartered flight to Washington, D.C., in July, in order to keep the Texas House from voting on measures designed to preserve voter integrity, a bill that would prevent biological males from competing in women’s athletics, and immigration restrictions. In D.C., the Texas Democrats lobbied for the passage of the For the People “voter rights” act and ignited a small COVID-19 outbreak. After several weeks away from Texas — and around $1.5 million in expenses later — some of the Democrats returned, leaving around two dozen of their number in the nation’s capital. Gov. Greg Abbott had announced, when the legislators left Texas, that they would be arrested if they showed up to vote, but on Monday, a judge signed an order temporarily blocking the governor from executing his plan. Abbott’s office applauded the Tuesday ruling.

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