Speaking of ‘science,’ which data show that humans, CO2, and fossil fuels cause global warming?


Another day, another dire warning about global warming. The press and its taskmasters could essentially Xerox a copy of what they printed for the public in the Washington Post in 1922, or a UN report in 1989, or a UN report in 2019 for this report here: U.N. climate report likely to deliver stark warnings on global warming. As always, journalists just print and repeat these ever-ending reports to scare the public into submission with no questions asked. For decades, journalists, educators, scientists, bureaucrats, and other Democrats have colluded to spread these dire warnings, (misinformation) without scientific evidence, to scare and control the public. We are repeatedly have been told that we only have a few years left to solve the problem. The end date always evolves. No matter how wrong these dire predictions are they just repeat them and say the science is settled to cut off debate. Why are people who are always so wrong considered experts? Many CEOs, Republicans, and others repeat the same claims without evidence because it is so much more pleasant to go along instead of being called anti-science, or worse still, “deniers.”

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