No, AOC, they don’t dislike you because you’re a woman — it’s because you’re a socialist


Why did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez run for Congress against a liberal Democrat, Joseph Crowley? Well, as she told CNN’s Dana Bash in an hour-long interview (!) last night on CNN, AOC lives in an imaginary world where people have to choose between eating and filling their prescriptions. (Has she been to the Bronx? The average woman weighs 191 pounds there.) Never mind that for the last half-century, poor people have gotten their grub on the house (food stamps) and their meds taken care of (Medicaid). She believes her presence in Congress was the crucial difference-maker in these nonexistent people’s lives. Hence her nuking of Crowley, who … would have voted the same way she has voted on everything. Now AOC apparently has her eye on another fellow Democrat who votes exactly the same way she would on everything: Chuck Schumer. He’s up for re-election next year. Would she run against him in the Democratic primary? Bash had previously noted that AOC Is “a target of scorn and criticism, even within her own party.” Well, if you don’t want that, maybe don’t threaten to knock out your own party’s lead senator?

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