Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium opens with $5 million prize for anyone who can prove the election wasn’t hacked


Mike Lindell, the embattled founder and CEO of My Pillow, has organized a Cyber Symposium that he claims will prove the 2020 presidential election was stolen, and he’s giving $5 million to anyone who can disprove his data. Lindell’s high-profile event runs from Tuesday, August 10 to August 12 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he plans to unveil computer data in front of politicians, cyber experts, and reporters. Lindell will broadcast the entire event on his platform Frank (frankspeech.com), as he attempts to prove Trump’s victory. Lindell told Steve Bannon on his show War Room Pandemic that Tuesday’s event will cover the election results in 25 states; Wednesday will cover the remaining 25 states, and Thursday will recap the information. Lindell claims to have the original “packet captures” that supposedly demonstrate real-time interference from a foreign source during the November election. To bring more attention to his highly anticipated event, Lindell has offered a $5 million prize to any cyber expert or interested party who can refute his information, and he sounds confident the prize will go unclaimed.

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