CBC omitted First Nations bands from industries to be affected by mandatory vaccines


A CBC News report on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement that his government would pursue making vaccines mandatory for federally-regulated industries omitted the fact that the mandate would also apply to First Nations bands and services. The Aug. 5 article by CBC journalist Darren Major, “Trudeau asks top public servant to look into mandatory vaccination for federal workers,” made no mention of First Nations communities when listing impacted groups and sectors. “The prime minister also said the government is looking into making vaccines mandatory in federally regulated industries, such as the airline, banking and rail sectors,” the article said. In reality, First Nations band councils and some reserve services are considered to be federally regulated. In an email to True North, a CBC spokesperson said the article merely highlighted “some” affected areas. “The story was a very broad overview of a new proposal, and highlighted some areas but obviously not every area. As this story continues to unfold and policies firm up, we will report on potential impacts where relevant,” CBC spokesperson Chuck Thompson said.

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