The media are pushing a fake narrative about COVID and the border


We’ve been getting two messages from the Biden administration: First, our border is open to all comers, something that has seen the third world pouring into America. Second, all Americans must be vaccinated or lose their civil rights and wear mandatory masks. That’s the way, leftists say, to end COVID in America. Americans, however, have noticed that the millions of illegal aliens Biden is shipping across America are neither vaccinated nor masked and that many are bringing COVID and other diseases with them. The media, having caught Americans thinking independently, have responded with a coordinated attack: There is no connection between illegal aliens and COVID surges. In the last three weeks, we started hearing about illegal aliens and COVID. There was the Fox headline saying COVID among illegal aliens had surged by 900% — a significant number considering the thousands streaming across the border daily. The fact that illegal aliens with COVID are being seeded throughout America got its biggest boost, though, when the Biden administration again attacked Florida for its rising number of Delta variant cases (although, very importantly, death is not following those cases).

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