If There Was Ever A Moment To Focus On Personal Health & Strength, This Is It. Instead, Many People Are Choosing Authoritarianism & Fear


Trying to control others instead of building up ourselves may seem like the ‘easy way out,’ but it will be far worse in the long-run. In a recent series of Tweets, Mike Cernovich talked about how the impact of obesity on covid outcomes should be “issue number 1”: “Why does covid kill obese people at a higher rate? I don’t mean a general explanation. What specifically happens? I went down the rabbit hole of obesity and covid. Are any public health experts talking about mitochondria dysfunction and covid? There’s a lot of science on this point. Seems like this should be issue number 1 in covid, not mandatory vaccines, but diet-and-lifestyle induced mitochondria dysfunction. Second, obesity-induced chronic inflammation and disruptions of insulin and leptin signaling can result in impaired viral clearance and a disproportionate or hyper-inflammatory response.” Cernovich also Tweeted this: “Mandatory exercise passports.” The point he’s making here of course is that it would make more sense to require people to exercise than it would to force vaccinations on everybody.

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