CBS Affiliate Partners With Chinese Communist State TV To Air Documentaries ‘Showcasing Achievements’ Of Brutal Regime


A CBS affiliate station has partnered with the Chinese Communist Party to air content “showcasing the achievements China has made” as part of a broader agreement with a state-run Chinese university to share documentaries “promoting Chinese culture,” The National Pulse can reveal. A press release from Zhejiang Radio & TV Group reveals that the state-run broadcaster is partnered with the CBS News affiliate station KCFJ 570 AM. Among the programs played on the California station are CBS News shows such as 60 Minutes and Face The Nation along with America Outdoor Radio, Farm and Ranch Report, and Land and Livestock Report. The station will also begin airing a documentary that has been “designated to showcase the achievements” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as part of the regime’s broader “International Media Convergence Campaign”. The news is the latest evidence that the CCP has seized the means of media production in the United States, and comes on the back of a National Pulse exposé of reporters, editors, and other media figures who have taken trips to China on the dime of CCP propaganda groups.

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