Your papers, please!


“Show me your papers, please.” That line, spoken in a thick, generic European accent by a sinister-looking middle-aged man in a dark suit and black hat, is a staple of seemingly every spy thriller-oriented movie since 1960. The audience tenses up, holding its collective breath, as the movie’s protagonist offers their counterfeit credentials to the suspicious adversarial agent. They’ve been painstakingly crafted to look authentic, down to the most minute, seemingly trivial detail. An eyebrow is raised; a skeptical glance travels from the papers to our hero’s face and then back to the papers again. The four-second interval before the verdict is rendered is the longest four seconds imaginable. Welcome to the Vaccine Passport Era in America. It’s coming. Every time a progressive says, “Don’t worry, we’re not thinking of doing that,” you can take to the bank that that’s exactly what they are planning on doing. They’re just looking for the perfect time and circumstance to rationalize away their initial publicly stated opposition. Europe already has a de facto vaccine passport, the just-enacted “Green Pass.”

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