Watch: Suspected Antifa Agitators Sabotage Prayer Event, Attack Worshippers


An evangelical Christian group had gathered peacefully on Saturday afternoon at a downtown park near the Portland waterfront for a worship service, when dozens of armed antifa terrorists, carrying shields and dressed in black, showed up to put an end to it. Journalist Andy Ngo posted video of the incident on Twitter. In the first video below, an antifa thug is shown trying to provoke the worshippers, who refused to engage. One worshipper is heard asking, “What are you mad about?” Another says, “We speak peace to you in Jesus’ name.” The agitator moves toward this man, shouting unintelligibly, as the rest of the group closes in on the worshippers. An antifa member grabs the microphone to announce that “all cops are bastards in the name of Jesus. Amen.” The mob starts toppling sound equipment, which they will eventually throw into the nearby Willamette River. Some of them sprayed what was believed to be pepper spray at the worshippers. A voice is heard yelling, “Where is your God now?” Ngo notes that the police did not intervene. The Post Millennial reported that no arrests were made and reported that the Portland police department “had no interactions with either group.”

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