The renegade Texas Democrats continue to make fools of themselves


When last we caught up with the renegade Texas legislators, the ones who were determined to prevent Texas from amending its voting laws to prevent election fraud, they had abandoned D.C. and headed for Portugal. That’s not a good look for people who swear they’re acting to defend voter’s rights. Now, these legislators have hit a new low: They’re suing Governor Abbot because he caused them discomfort and embarrassment, among other woes. It’s hard to imagine most Texans taking kindly to this nonsense. The main point of the Democrats’ complaint seems to be that it was mean of Governor Abbott to inform the fleeing legislators that, upon their return, they could expect to be arrested and dragged into the Assembly to do their jobs. The Texas Tribune explains: Twenty-two Texas House Democrats sued some of the state’s top Republican leaders in federal court in Austin late Friday, alleging that GOP officials’ efforts to bring them home for a special legislative session infringed on their constitutional rights to free speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

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