Female Inmate Pregnant After Being Forced To Share Prison With Biological Men Claiming To Be Transgender


A female inmate in California is now pregnant after women’s prisons were forced to accept biological male prisoners claiming to be women without any questions asked. The Blaze reported that a liberal women’s organization, Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), has reported that at least one woman has become pregnant following California’s law that allows men to identify as women and get sent to a women’s prison – even if they were in prison for violence against women. As The Daily Wire reported last month, California began handing out condoms and Plan B to female inmates who were forced to accept sharing a prison with biological men claiming to be transgender. The law requiring women’s prisons to accept biologically male prisoners went into effect in January. The Los Angeles Times reported that since then, around 300 male prisoners filed requests to transfer with the state, and only 20 have been processed so far. One inmate, according to WoLF, said: “How do we feel safe in our community? When we reach out for help we get nothing. There has been an assault on a woman and we still are silenced.”

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