A Virginia elementary school tells kids the police are dangerous


It’s great that parents are pushing back against the relentless leftist indoctrination in public schools but they might be wiser to pull their kids out entirely, starving schools of the students they need to justify funding. That seems like the most sensible move for parents with children at a Virginia elementary school. They discovered that “Safe,” a “video book” that the school recommended for seven-year-olds over the summer, comes from Woke Kindergarten, a site run by a woman who claims to be “transgender,” teaches kids that the police are dangerous, and believes the 5-7-year-old set needs to learn about transgenderism and pronouns. The Fairfax Community Public School district posted a link to a video called “Safe” on its website as a summer resource for second graders: The video had been included in a summer learning guide at Bailey’s Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences in Falls Church along with content related to critical race theory, Black Lives Matter and news articles critical of white parents, according to a report in the Fairfax Times. The “Woke Kindergarten” Instagram link was also shared in a list of “equity resources for teachers” on the school’s website.

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