Kamala Harris’ Approval Rating Is So Bad Top Democrats Are Taking Emergency Action


Democratic bigwigs are reportedly so concerned about Vice President Kamala Harris’ abysmal approval ratings that they’re working overtime to address the real reason nobody seems to like her: “sexism.” Harris, of course, has seen her popularity plummet in recent months as she bungles the border crisis — and as people have gotten the chance to know her. Recall this uncomfortable interview with NBC’s Lester Holt in which she couldn’t offer a lucid explanation as to why illegal migrants continue to stream across the border. And don’t forget this awkward speech in Guatemala in which she told would-be migrants not to come to the U.S., despite the wide-open border and months of “come on in” rhetoric. Illegal migrants haven’t listened, and Harris’ “root causes” debacle has revealed even to the Democratic Party what conservatives already knew: The vice president is unprepared, unqualified and a liability for Democrats in 2022 and 2024. There is also the fact that Harris reportedly runs an abusive office where staffers are routinely victimized by the California Democrat and her chief of staff, Clinton family ally Tina Flournoy.

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