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A coalition of progressive groups and those that are in favor of the White House’s current plans are launching a massive ad campaign over the next month as lawmakers head home to their districts for the August recess, according to the Associated Press. The campaign is reported to cost almost $100 million and will focus on pushing President Joe Biden’s recent agenda items. As the AP reported, “The push being announced Monday, coupled with a wave of travel by the president’s top surrogates, is meant to promote and secure passage of Biden’s two-track infrastructure plan: a bipartisan package focused on highways, transit and broadband, and a Democrats-only budget reconciliation bill for child care and what the White House calls human infrastructure.” “An outside coalition of progressive organizations launched a war room and is planning to host over 1,000 events and actions over the next six weeks, the AP learned. The goal, officials said, was to bombard the home districts of members of Congress with ads — both televised and digital — to keep the pressure on to follow through on their votes as well as to underscore much of the agenda’s popularity with the public,” the outlet noted.

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