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Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe released a statement at 2:30 pm local time accusing the CBC of spreading medical misinformation about his Health Minister. “At 9 am today, CBC news posted a story containing the completely inaccurate and irresponsible statement that Saskatchewan’s Health Minister had tested positive for COVID-19,” he wrote, “This is not true.” “CBC has been contacted and given ample opportunity to correct this falsehood, but as of now, they have not done so,” he added. At the top of the article, titled “Alberta, Saskatchewan removing public health restrictions ‘a bad mistake’ right now, experts say,” the crown corporation and media organization has since corrected the error, clarifying “An earlier version of this story stated Saskatchewan Health Minister Paul Merriman had tested positive for COVID-19 after that province lifted restrictions on July 11. This was incorrect; Merriman has not tested positive for COVID-19.” The article criticized Saskatchewan for lifting all COVID restrictions on July 11, citing public health experts who stated herd immunity had not yet been reached.

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